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In His Presence (On Nights Like These)


” A poet can cook up food for thought from the tiniest crumbles of ideas ”

On Nights Like These I’m called before your presences, the sweet sense of ease to be around your ever glowing incense, the hours on my knees with my spirit complete and my flesh in absence, I reminisce on past of days, the way your heavenly ways took me from phase to phase, from absolute rejection of your Holy Spirit to injection of your Holy Trinity into my life.

Now in your presence, as my spiritual eyes open I understand the beauty of you, and what you did at the cross of Calvary, what you went through in order to move me across the ocean of darkness to the ever abundant light of your righteousness, it was war, it was the ultimate fight, yet you gave your all your life, you paid our ransom Jesus paid the price!

The GRACE I found cannot amount to any treasure, am captured by His love, raptured into His amazing arms, enticed by His holiness, my face down, hands up embracing His gloriness.

On Nights Like These I struggle to breathe a word of pride, my body shuts down, His spirit and mine in one mind, establishing His image, as we merge as one and GLORY TO GOD it was DONE and DUSTED, the envy of one man failed him, he fell from the heavens, his vision is dim, he envision to be king, divisions the being, yet Christ through his sacrifice of blood commissioned a team.

In His presence I praise Him, In His presence I glorify him as he purifies me, you see He creates in me a new heart He renews a right spirit.

On Nights Like These am granted words that birth containment, words of satisfaction of my spirits wholeness ointment, words of thought, thoughts of spiritual complement.

Standing in awe of His greatness, He breaks the walls in me, He breaks the fakeness, fills up the heavy whole that echoes and He embroides graciousness into me, as He intimately acknowledges Himself in me.

On Nights Like These I’m found in His presence as we contemplate and make amends, lament on all the things that have passed away, celebrating the new creation in me as sin in me passed away and I no longer walk astray and He vividly knits my soul and invites me into His arms to have a taste of his ” All The Love You Need ” buffet, as my sin has passed away.

Contrary to popular belief, I did not evolve, I’d like to dissolve that belief and let you get involved On Nights Like These of how I was Fearfully And Wonderfully Made, destined for Him, made for the Kingdom fate.

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Okay so its not all ” THAT ” but someone told me that We All Unique In Our Own Ways so if its a little boring or maybe not your cup of tea just have a taste

” Oh, I was never a businessman. I was visionary, a dreamer ”
– Jim Bakker

Sometimes its easier to live dreams than it is to live life.
Sometimes its easier to carve the wood in your heart without a knife.
Sometimes its easier to pretend it doesn’t hurt just to hide the strive.
Sometimes its some of these times dreams teach us to survive.

Dreams always seem to hold much eccentricity.
They bring more joy to the world in divine simplicity.
Establishing bonds between souls and magnifying elasticity.
In all its complicity dreams never stay hidden but are always in full view of publicity.

But my thoughts have collided with my dreams and decided
That I need a reality check and have my ambitions reunited
With my goals and aims ignited
As my mind has subdivided
The real dreams, and the nightmares subsided.

Nightmares, those nasty parasites
Those vision killers
As they have you thinking
” Things that I thought I had left behind me // They’ve just come back to haunt me ”
Then Just beyond reach, slowly fading away
You forget but deep down you know they’ll be back another day
To suck the life out of you, as your caught in flashbacks, in the moments of facts
Held helpless as you watch them all come back.

But dreams, rising from the ashes change your mind set
Destroying all those toxic nightmares and all its concept
Molding your view points, replacing some facts
Grounding some principles, upgrading its tracks.

We all wonder what dreams feel like to live them
Those majestic dreams that burst with beauty, aura and glory in fullness
Dreams that capture, but mostly captivate moments of stillness
Cultivating habits, character and boldness.

To have your image transfigured, your identity replaced
To edit life’s traumas, cut here, copy there then paste
A glimpse of heaven in your Dream Land, a chance to foretaste
On how life could really be like in Real Land if ever misplaced
But we stuck with reality and encased
Stuck with humanity and forced to embrace
Long sufferings, tragedies and pain
Forced to act normal to a world that’s insane
Hard work with low pay, bad friends with no gains
Harboring bitterness that flows through our veins
Just Waiting for that sun shine to drive away the rains.
But Holding on to that one most precious dream, holding on not in vain.

” Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real. ”
-Tupac Shakur

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Raising Generation Y (Part I)

We can’t just speak about change anymore, the time for simply talking about change is over! Time we do as we say.

Inspire Achieve

I feel very honored to be the first to post on this Inspire Achieve blog, as I know visionaries, accomplished achievers, writers and young entrepreneurs greater than I will grace this blog and share some inspiring posts on this same spot. If there is a generation that will surely contribute a significant amount and very speedily to the development of this nation, it is definitely Generation Y. It is one of the purposes of this blog to connect and energize such a capable generation.


Alot of Malawians have probably heard the term ‘Generation X’. However, not so many have heard the term Generation Y (or perhaps they might have heard the term but really gotten around to know it’s meaning) Wikipedia defines Generation Y, who are also known as Millennials, are the group that was born between the 1980’s to early 2000’s. What could be…

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My Laziness has produced this! enjoy?

I’ve replayed this neurotic moment in my space less mind constantly, over and over
Rehearsed these pessimistic words, these grieved emotions I’d say to you over your shoulder
I know you’ve changed, you’ve become better, yet to me you’ve gone colder

And that feeling, I remember that nostalgic feeling as it echo’s its presence in my present moment, this day as days grow older
The tension in the silent crowded atmosphere, my mind is corned, grasping for air
And you slowly turn your fixed body to face me, your eyes burning with fire as am caught in your snare
Left to despair and my heart begins to say a prayer
That no matter what your love I cannot compare
Cause I understand your feelings are unaware that your actions proceed to be so unfair

But am ready, dear am ready to fix you, I know I’ll prepare
To be your perfection, I promise, I swear
Every broken piece, I promise to repair
Am ready to work my part as long as your there
Ready to let God let my love for you to bare
To teach us that heavenly tender loving care.

Was too lazy to write… So I just scribbled that down now. I’ll have something solid later today. But as for now, Sleep awaits….

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A Poem

Well, for the sake of keeping up with myself I just wrote this. Nothing fancy or interesting.

Its always hard to understand life through the physical
We tend to live through the flesh and not the spiritual
And so we end up walking the rocky road of life uncertain
Uncertain about our purposes, our dreams, our destiny
Uncertain about what we want and who we are

And so we take the shortcut that leads us nowhere far
Wondering our senseless lives in search of a sky with that bright dazzlingly star
A star that will lead us back to the main road
Where we are not alone, and we can take off the burden and off load the load.
The road where there are people like us running the same race
People like you, people like me who have wondered too long in the maize
Taking short cuts, going off track because of being stuck in one place
A place of no growth where we are filled with disgrace
A place where our footprints don’t even leave a trace
But on the main road of life, someone awaits us, ready to offer a life of meaning, a life of grace.

I, Myself took the journey to find this road of meaning
I’d been caught up in the many issues of life that had stopped me from living
Understanding a bigger power, a creator
Was hard to accept something I don’t see and acknowledge it as greater
A greater being that was keeping me breathing
A greater being that was so hard to believe in

As time passed, I had to mature
And I needed more than just age to nurture me and cure
Cure me from the monotonous ways of life
I needed a divine change to help me survive
To help me grow slowly
To help portray a glowing glory
And establish a spiritual foundation so hard as concrete
And taste a bit of eternity so sweet.

Now I laugh in delighted wonder
That I could find such amazement in my creator, In my founder
The founder of my being, the founder of my tremendous universe
A world so uncomprehending even through a verse
I give thanks to the one who beautifully arranged the mighty rivers of stars in my sky
Giving me an unimaginable passion to spread my wings and fly
The one who extended my dreams so vast like the sea
The one who gave me strength and courage to stand firm like a tree

The littleness of man cannot be compared to His majestic glory
The author and finisher of our faith, the beginning and end of the story
He has set us apart and called us his own
And on some days as I gaze above at the flaming sun
Am reminded of the explosive love of His son
That died for our happiness, for our smile
That died even though realizing Him took us a while.

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What Do You See

What Do You See

As I awoke from my tangled web of dreams of confusion
My eyes slowly perfected the objects of my scenery, a glimpse of delusion
The sun shined oddly and the morning air brought a sense of illusion
That the day was not just a day, but a colorfully wrapped gift in conclusion
That I woke up to something bigger, bigger than myself
Something amazing was about to happen, something that could not amount to any wealth
My mind and spirit were in agreement, my body was in absence
As I began to see things in my thoughts, thoughts of substance

I was lining up theories, ideas, my goals, my visions
Spoken words, stolen verbs and revisions
I allowed myself to sit for a moment and bathe in glory
I grabbed my note pad and began to tell the story
And gently clearing my mind
His soft, delicate voice I find saying
Dear Child, there’s a lot I want you to be
But before you proceed to being, I need you to see
Greatness comes with responsibility,­ and the process of your maturity I need all glory and honor and adoration to go to me
So do more than words and talk
Take more than steps and walk!
And He said ” beauty ” Child what do you see?

Beauty, I see is beyond my comprehension, beauty is beyond my soul
I used to boast about my attractive appearance but the test was easier than the fall
I wasn’t as beautiful as I thought, I wasn’t beautiful at all
” Pride comes Before Destruction ”
Dangerously doing more than being a disruption
But we talk a lot, we preach
Yet we fail to absorb simplicity when perfection is what we want to reach
We seek more, so much more, no matter the cost, no matter the price
Gottta be that, gotta have that, gotta be precise
Blind and Deaf to our flaws
That cultivate in us, manifest claws
But I see, I see an exchange, pride to humbleness that flows
From my smile, to my walk to where ever the wind blows
And to where my heart goes and that’s beauty!
I see Beauty in Me
And so He said ” Understanding ” Child what do you see?

Understanding to my understanding triggers self independent thinkers
Understanding internally measures and treasures dreamers
Understanding begins with the fear of God to believers
Understanding respectively separates the fools to the leaders
But how can we understand understanding when we way under and refuse to stand
When we allow the world to degrade and discredit and bury us under the sand
When we knowingly acknowledge we need a hand
A hand to pick us up from the gutters of silence to withstand
A harsh world full of movements of unwise people that need to be disband
Yet we ourselves are paving a road of ignorance and leading the crowd
A crowd following in your silence making no sound
We need to stand for understanding
We need to be more than under, we need to be outstanding
I see understanding in Me
And so He said ” Success ” Child what do you see?

A lot that I saw was not more than real
And I know He asked cause it had to be a big deal
It humored me though, success was always a hard one
Cause most of my attempts to greatness was half done
But what I saw was no words could come close to describe
And I realized there’s no dosage for success to prescribe
For success is not finally neither failure fatal
We all destined for greatness its not accidental
I see Success in Me.
And finally He said ” Peace ” Child what do you see?

The way Peace goes far from what it means
A perfectly produced peace is divine, Heaven intervenes
It outshines its vessel its constructed cautiously deep inside
Its self respected and humbles itself despite
Its importance, it reigns in harmony
Plays the sweet tune of peaceful melody
I see Peace in Me!
What do you see?
Jeremiah 1:11-12 ♥

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Love Of God

As I sit by my window, eyes gazing afar I contemplate
I watch the raindrops touch the distant ground as I meditate
Nothing more on my mind than all that’s going on in my life
Everyday with its new battles and as I fight to stay alive
Am reminded of a love, pure, perfect and justified
Someone that took it all and had me clarified
He came to set me free and have me understand life amplified

Its hard to imagine a life without you
Cause who else can take up responsibility to mend my broken heart, it needs more than just glue
Who would patiently company me through the lonely nights and hear me complain, only you and its true
Nobody else can stand to tolerate my selfishness and those days I act like a fool
You love me more than anything, beyond my nasty flaws
You are constantly there for me in my highs and lows
Enlightening me that where ever I go, your spirit goes

I know deep down am never wrong, yet am never right
For Lord you watch me on your surveillance day and night
Am far from being immaculate yet you show me your light
And just like an insecure mother, you never let me out of your sight
The love you proved at calvary, you never gave up on me without a fight
And I know this for sure cause you willingly laid down your life and died

I aimed for perfection though sin impeded when I tried
You showed me through my darkest nights, and I remember those tears I cried
Its hard to forget cause you, Lord in your glory, those tears you dried
I saw your amazing grace, retrace my phase even when I killed, even when I lied
You went through it all with me just to show me your love will always abide

Sin was rooting deep in me and laminated
So you came into my heart and you amputated
Every sinful cancer spreading in me, every evil intruding
For you came so that I might have life, a life of improving
Just like a jeweler appraises a precious stone
You daily are intrigued by me, even to the very bone
You loved us more than you loved your son
There has never been a greater love than yours, no not one

And so I took a journey only to die in Christ : No forensics needed
Am a walking testimony, an open book you need to read it
Paul said ” For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain ”
Even when am persecuted, even when am in pain
Even when am slowly losing my mind in Christ and going insane

Life is beyond me and you and that sin addiction
You just have to surrender your life, for Heaven is free, you don’t need to pay admission
You just need to ask and make a decision
For Christ must be your all, not by subscription.

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